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The Golden Circle - About the meaning

Why?... The New Design celebrates the Nature (the Creations are the Reminder of her Beauty) and the creative process of the Universe The Practical value: one piece of clothing is worn in several different ways.
...ReDesign celebrates the ReNewing Power of Nature (Universe) – it is TransForming of rejected or worn-out object. According to the cosmic law of rhythm and periodicity, everything is finite and the infinite, eternal and ephemeral, but in a broader context, all the while recycling, changing shape. The Practical value is with 3 E: Ecological, Economical and Emotional.

1E – taking care of the Planet, the new and the greater use-value of the object are made of waste and this is more than just a cycle, circle time and recycling, called UpCycling. 2E – with little investment you can get the uniqueness as the opposite to mass production and consumption. 3E – the emotional attachment to the old object (person/memory) isn’t thrown into oblivion, but we make it alive it(her, him) in a new form.
How?... Unique Design is created easily(simply) through the Game, inspired by the World around it, with no pre-packaged cuts. Spontaneously, as the most beautiful moments in life occur.

Error often produces creative solution. ReDesign ...ReDesign is created by TransForming the existing Form, during whose process a lot of things come together at one, and one thing(piece of clothes) can be worn in many different ways.
What?... Creating a Unique multi-functional garments. Amateurism (from Lat. Amo, amare - to love), pure love of learning and creating, as opposed to the professional learning, which can degrade the life of the egocentric perfecting. TransForming the Old into the New (costumes, clothing, other objects).

Created feeligns of joy
Reproduction of beauty
Jumps into boldly

Ego-Out Jump in the Courage

Design IglaIgra

Love - Inside into Infinity

ReDesign IglaIgra TransFormation

Shell for Tranquility From the factory waste to new life


Tenderness School for children

Who loves and teaches us to...

...the creation of Style is more than fashion...

...clothing is more than an object...

...personality is more than the consumer...

...the awareness is more than...

Color World of communication

Port of golden flower - Clothing as a Remedy

A Miraculous World of Color is World of Light, Vibration and Information. These various packages of Color are giving us a beneficial effect on the subconscious, on the internal organs function and mental- emotional set. Colors packed in various forms of clothing, heal and communicate with the centers of life energy in our body, packed in a certain set of organs. Link and affect all pathways (meridians) and the whole inner world of the body, Miraculous Waterfalls of Light in that way are building Accord and Harmony.
Thank you


develops a sense of grounding, the presence, self-confidence, confidence; strengthens willpower and decision; has a curative effect on the spinal column, bones legs, colon, adrenal gland, nails, teeth, and stimulates lymph nodes, soothes burns, tiredness and flu, accelerates blood circulation and increases the vitality.


develops a sense of sexuality and passion, creativity, joy of life, self- awareness, balance; has beneficial effects on the reproductive organs, sex glands, of the urogenital tract, function of the thyroid gland, diabetes, wounds and acne, hiccup; increases lactation.


develops a sense of self-confidence, determination and power but also self-control and mastery of the ego; boosts concentration, will and sense of change, power and career, self-awareness and empathy, spontaneity and the pervasiveness; removes fears; has a curative effect on the stomach (stimulates digestion and purifies the body), the pancreas, the gall bladder, the liver, the spleen, the upper digestive tract - small intestine, lumbar support, the vegetative nervous system; has a positive effect on the muscles and skin.


develops a sense of unconditional love, of receiving and giving, indulgence, understanding and compassion, forgiveness, loyalty and their own values, artistic expression; has a healing effect on the heart, lungs, bronchi, chest cavity colds and allergies, blood, skin, arms, upper back, cancer, intestinal parasite; helps balance the nervous system, calms and strengthens the immune system.


develops a sense of communication and saying the truth, hearing and understanding, concentration and learning abilities, the security of expression and musicality, rational thinking and patience, will; soothes depression, anxiety and fear; has a healing effect on the neck, shoulders, cervical spine, throat, ears, esophagus, trachea, thyroid gland; lowers fever and migraine.


awakens intuition, dreams, wisdom, imagination, perception, spiritual strength and peace, vision, extra sensory perception, visualization, dedication and energy of healing, realization their own soul; has a curative effect on the cerebellum, mind, the face (skin), eyes, ears, nose, sinuses, hormones, pituitary gland, nervous system; soothes rheumatism, headaches, migraines and depression.


develops a sense of connection with the cosmos, spiritual strength and a deeper understanding of the spiritual in us, religiosity, faith, self- fulfillment, enlightenment and awareness; enhances memory and concentration; soothes stress, regulates sleep; has a healing effect on the pineal gland, an energy body, the brain, the eyes, the whole body; helps in the treatment of melancholy, alcoholism and addictions.


develops a sense of transformation and metamorphosis, cleansing and release of the old, improving the quality of life, tranquility, universal harmony and emotional balance, motivation and optimism, initiative and courage; an energy has a healing effect on the energy body, the brain, the body in its entirety.

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